Founded in Finland in 1916, Karhu initially gained international recognition in the 1920s through Finland’s phenomenal track team known as the Flying Finns. Since then Karhu has been at the forefront of performance and innovation in athletic footwear including developing the first air cushioned sole in the 1970s and Fulcrum technology in the 1980s. Original owners of the three stripe logo Karhu sold the trademark to a then little known German footwear brand in the 1950s for the equivalent of sixteen hundred Euros and two bottles of whiskey!

Karhu’s heritage spans a multitude of sports and has an inherent connection to nature through Finland's rugged landscape and outdoor lifestyle. Drawing on this heritage in their colour palettes, Karhu create unique colour blocks on modern updates to archival silhouettes. Karhu's grounded approach and quality footwear has earned them a cult following amongst sneaker heads and fashionistas all over the world.