Saturdays NYC Interview | Winter Surfing, Music, and inspiration

With the Saturdays NYC S18 collection recently landing in-store at HAVN, we sat down for a casual chit-chat with two of the directors, Morgan and Colin, to pick their brains on a few things we share a special affinity with - fashion, surfing, and music. 

Photography | Martin Kirby


Colin on ... the current collection, cities that inspired it, and Melbourne's influence --

Our current collection draws a lot of vibes from South America; cities like Medellin and Panama City. Melbourne has a lot of similarities to NYC where there is a strong sense of creative expression and passion for working hard, but also the need to find ways to balance that with activities and good times. 

-- Morgan on ... surfing in the NYC and Victorian winter

Like NYC, there are group of committed surfers that enjoy the colder seasons and the waves that come along with it. I think part of the enjoyment is that there are less people in the water - you either really love it, or you don't.


Colin on ... sourcing inspiration for creative expression --

Even though we are more connected now than ever with social media and ability to connect instantly around the world, a lot of our inspiration comes from seeing things in real life. NYC has always been a source, and our travels and conversations also always end up being a source that guides everything else. 


Colin's five winter tracks ... 

John Coltrane | Blue Train

Charles Mingus | Moanin' 

Depeche Mode | Enjoy the Silence

Prince | Nothing Compares to You

The Avalanches | Because I'm Me

Morgans five winter tracks ... 

Tom Waits | Martha 

John Prine | No Ordinary Blue

Tom Petty | Crawling Back to You

Danielle Luppi | Soul and Cigarette 

Ariel Pink | Another Weekend 


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