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Fusion 2.0 Monument/Fiery Red

In 1916, Karhu skis were one of the first produced items in a small workshop located in downtown Helsinki where locally sourced birch was transformed into winter forms of transport. Worn by the Finnish army to world champions like Harri Kirvesniemi, who is part of the Karhu family as the official licensee of Karhu ski, cross-country skiing has helped to shape the brand. In celebration of its connection to gliding over the snow, we launch the Cross-Country Ski Pack.


The Cross-Country Ski Pack consists of three Fusions 2.0 with a colour palette inspired by the bright pops of colour featured in the cross-country ski designs of the ‘90s and ‘00s

The Fusion 2.0 is a salute to the original Karhu ‘fusion’ model from 1996 when it was the top running shoe in the collection. To bring back the ‘Fusion’ from the archives, Karhu reworked the model with its original designer and launched it as the fusion 2.0.


  • pigskin suede
  • soft mesh
  • rope laces

New to the fusion 2.0? We recommend ordering 0.5 up in size compared to your regular size. Unisex sizing in US men's.