Synchron Classic Rooibos Tea/Patriot Blue
Synchron Classic Rooibos Tea/Patriot Blue


Synchron Classic Rooibos Tea/Patriot Blue

In 1916, Karhu produced skis, which were some of the first items manufactured in a small workshop located in downtown Helsinki. There, locally sourced birch was transformed into winter forms of transport. Because the skis were of such high quality, the Finnish army and world champions like, Harri Kirvesniemi, chose to wear Karhu on their feet. Kirvesniemi remains part of the Karhu family as the official licensee of the Karhu ski division, which has helped shape the brand. In welcoming the coming winter snowfall, we launch the Cross-Country Ski Pack 2.

The Cross-Country Ski Pack consists of two Aria 95s and two Synchron Classics. Each colour palette is inspired by the bright pops featured in the cross-country ski designs of the 90s and 00s.

The category of shoes known as the Synchron first made their debut in 1980. As the assortment got bigger over the years, it was always easy to recognise the group by the unorthodox lacing system on the toebox.

The research and design team wanted to provide a better fitting upper and came up with the innovative lacing system for added comfort and durability. The Synchron classic, the 90s edition within the Synchron category, remains a comfortable model featuring an air cushion unit and a stable heel cap.


  • pigskin suede
  • tech mesh
  • reflective m-logo

New to the Synchron Classic? We recommend ordering 1 size up compared to your regular size. Unisex sizing in US men's.