Fusion 2.0 Lily White/Burnt Orange
Fusion 2.0 Lily White/Burnt Orange
Fusion 2.0 Lily White/Burnt Orange


Fusion 2.0 Lily White/Burnt Orange

Karhu takes you commuting from Helsinki to Espoo

Finland is known for its beautiful nature, design, and rich sports history. Every season we produce concepts based on one of these three elements and for the next launch, we have looked into architectural design. As an example, architects like Eliel Saarinen, Alvar Aalto and Lars Sonck gave a very distinctive character to the city of Helsinki, and to this day, talented architects continue to do so.

For the upcoming Karhu Fusion 2.0 Pack, we were inspired by Helsinki’s new network of metro stations. Different architects designed the 8 new stations on the route from central Helsinki to Espoo. One of our favourite stations is Matinkylä. Frost and summer clouds inspired the ceiling of the platform area which is formed from varying aluminium sheets painted in different shades of white.

Referencing the ceiling design, both Fusion 2.0s are decked out in different kinds of technical mesh mixed with leather overlays. Together with the colour palette of different shades of whites and orange accents, this provides these two Fusion 2.0s with a new look and feel!

The Fusion 2.0 is a salute to the original Karhu ‘fusion’ model from 1996 when it was the top running shoe in the collection. To bring back the ‘Fusion’ from the archives, Karhu reworked the model with its original designer and launched it as the fusion 2.0.


  • pigskin suede
  • soft mesh
  • rope laces


New to the fusion 2.0? We recommend ordering 0.5 up in size compared to your regular size. Unisex sizing in US men's.